Why Us?

Why Us?

A proven partner with a forward-looking approach

At TAS, we’re forward-thinking, engaged and differentiated technology leaders. We not only bring decades of proven experience, expertise and insights, but we also have our finger on the latest industry and technology trends and innovations, making us the technology partner that companies want to work with. We help our clients navigate an uncertain and often unpredictable business landscape underpinned by changing regulatory requirements. Companies choose TAS because:

We’re a trusted and reliable partner with a proven track record.
With almost three decades of industry experience, we’re more agile, flexible and nimble than others. The industry is fast-changing and we need to work quickly to ensure we keep our clients ahead. We do this by providing timely and valuable technology solutions and insights.

We know how to work in a heavily regulated environment while bringing the latest and most innovative solutions.
We understand the intricacies of heavily regulated industries and the importance of deploying robust yet compliant systems as part of this. At the same time, we’re across the latest in emerging technologies. We act as a filter, bringing the best and most relevant technologies to our clients that we know will be compliant, ensuring they can be exceptional with confidence, both today and tomorrow.

We get you.
We’re specialists in the Financial Services and Insurance sectors and experts in introducing, managing and hosting best-in-breed technologies. We bring an in-depth understanding of your industry and deliver you a competitive edge through an ‘always-on’ performance. Our relationship-driven approach further ensures collaboration and a genuine partnership from the start. People are as important to us as the technology solutions we host and manage.

We’re outcomes-focused, reliable and responsive.
We strive to deliver exceptional outcomes and measurable results. Our robust, consistent and unbreakable systems ensure limited downtime and top performance. With TAS, you have the confidence you’re partnering with a leading and proven provider of exceptional technology services.

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