Customer Owned Banking

Customer Owned Banking 

Guiding the Customer Owned Banking (Mutual) sector for close to three decades

Today’s “always-on” world presents the Customer Owned Banking (Mutual) sector with a multitude of challenges. Dynamic forces continue to redefine and reshape the sector, keeping many players firmly on their toes.

Customer Owned Banking organisations need to meet today’s challenges head-on, addressing higher customer expectations, more complex regulatory requirements and fast-changing and more demanding demographics to stay ahead. Confidence in technology solutions and the hosting and management of those solutions is firmly in the spotlight. This is especially true when technology “downtime” costs Australian businesses dramatic losses each year.

Burning questions for the Customer Owned Banking sector

How can we leverage better customer service offerings that meet and surpass customer expectations?

How can we stay on top of more complex regulatory requirements in a fast-changing landscape?

How can we adapt and evolve to meet the demands of today’s technology-driven market?

This is where we come in

TAS is a specialist within the Customer Owned Banking sector servicing over 50% of the Customer Owned Banking market. TAS is also a technology expert, with in-depth knowledge of technology used by the industry. Having partnered with the Customer Owned Banking sector for close to three decades, we know the sector intimately. We understand what it takes to get systems up and running seamlessly and supported, assuring our customers the confidence they need. We know the challenges and opportunities the industry is facing and how to address these head-on, with practical and cost-effective solutions.

TAS helps the Customer Owned Banking sector to remain competitive in today’s 24/7, switched-on business world, by consolidating their managed services in ways that achieves optimal results. To stay ahead, businesses need to find FinTech partners and implement up-to-date technology solutions, as well as adopt seamless security and compliance; sophisticated analytics; a customer-centric approach; and a concrete social media strategy. In all of these areas, TAS can help. Talk to one of our experts today on  +61 1300 715 591 or email us at

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