TAS announced today the appointment of Neil Gamble as new Chairman; key to the future growth of the company.

The appointment coincides with the company’s ongoing evolution and refreshed business strategy which sees an extension of the firm’s core services for the Banking and Finance sectors as well as the acceleration of the company’s products and services into new markets.

Mr Gamble said, “Joining TAS as Chair is a unique and timely opportunity. TAS has a powerful combination of a strong pedigree and brand reputation, a very capable senior management team and a strong balance sheet. Those are the kinds of ingredients I look for when starting a new role.” Mr Gamble brings significant executive management experience to TAS, having previously held senior roles such as CEO of Solution 6, Star City, Australis Media and Wormald. He has also held numerous Director and Chair positions with various technology companies, including Engin Ltd and Protegic.

TAS CEO, Shane Baker, said Mr Gamble brings critical expertise to the Board at a pivotal time. “With a rapidly changing business landscape demanding disruptive innovative solutions at the enterprise level, TAS is set to bridge a gap in Australia’s (banking and finance) marketplace. Year-on-year, we’re enhancing our best-of-breed services and capabilities, ensuring they are aligned with our customer needs while providing timely and efficient advice and solution delivery.”

Mr Gamble has navigated complex business landscapes across the globe including in Australia, Asia, the US, Europe and South Africa, driving disruption and cultural transformation at a large scale.

“He brings strategic growth advice to TAS, which will help shape how we navigate today’s everchanging landscape ensuring that we are always meeting our customer needs,” Shane adds.

Mr Gamble believes using technology as a customer service differentiator is key for businesses particularly in Banking and Finance – a sector that can be slow to embrace rapid innovative change, “Companies that are flexible and fast-moving will be the ones to survive this change. They need to focus less on the competition and more on the next disruptive technologies, and how to leverage them?”

“Key to this is to have a management team that looks at strategic issues with technology and disruption in mind. To do this, you need the right culture and the right leadership and I feel TAS brings this to the market.” he said. ~ENDS

About TAS: TAS is a leading provider of technology services to the Australian market. TAS has been in operation since 1989 and is Australian-owned and operated. TAS has gained extensive experience in delivering the highest levels of availability, compliance and quality of service through many years of servicing one on the most highly regulated industries – Banking and Finance.

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