Compliance Solutions in Sydney

Attaining and maintaining security standards compliance is a continual and arduous process for many organisations.

Having worked within the Government, Financial Services and Insurance markets, TAS is well-positioned to share the best and latest advice in attaining the necessary standards, and implementing processes to ensure the standard is maintained.

security and compliance

Risk Management

TAS has many years of experience in assessing, mitigating and managing risk for our customers. As an external partner, we can help you to continually assess and address risk across your security posture with our managed services.

security and compliance

Standards Assessment & Consulting (GDPR, CPS234, NDB, CDR (Open Banking))

Across the globe, there has been a renewed emphasis on protecting critical personal, financial and other privacy information of staff, customers and partners. New legislation aims to hold custodians of data responsible for negligence or failure to act in the interests of individuals to protect their privacy data. Find out how to ensure your organisation is compliant with legislation and standards.

security and compliance

Compliance Management

Achieving compliance with information management legislation and standards is just the start. Maintaining that level of compliance is an ongoing process that requires dedicated attention to security posture and policy. Learn how your business can do this.

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